Is Vivid Voltage Worth Investing In?

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     written by Jonathan Cortez (@sno_relaxed)

     Are modern sets worth getting or investing in? Everyone is hyped about the very first sets due to nostalgia but do these new modern sets have anything to offer? Let's take a look at the newest upcoming set! What does it hold in store for us?

is in full force! It feels like the 1990’s all over again! In this past year alone, we have had an influx of people entering the hobby. Many of these people are only interested in Pokémon cards from the Wizards of the Coast or WOTC era. However, there is also plenty of awesome cards and card arts in modern sets! Especially this next one, Vivid Voltage. The set has not even officially released and everyone is already going crazy over it!

     Why is this set so popular? Well, the Pokemon Company is debuting a new rarity in this set. The rarity is called Amazing Rare. There are a total of 6 Amazing Rares in the set. All of the pokemon that will have this new rarity also happen to be legendary Pokemon. They are as follows: Rayquaza, Jirachi, Raiko, Celebi, Zacian, and Zamazenta. My favorite out of these 6 is Rayquaza! What is yours? The amazing thing about these cards is that they take the slot of a reverse holo. So, if you see a green code, do not fret! You may still be in for a nice surprise! From what I have seen, you typically get 2 Amazing Rares per booster box!

     Now, you may be thinking that there is no possible way this set can get any better. Well, it does! The chase card in this set is a rainbow rare Pikachu Vmax! There is a Pikachu V, a Pikachu V Full Art, a Pikachu Vmax, and the secret rare Pikachu Vmax. Well, all of this is just fine and dandy. So, that’s it right? We’re finally done going over the set? Well, not really, there’s still more!

     There is actually a Charizard in this set as well! Now before everyone goes too crazy, the Charizard only comes as a non-holographic rare and as a reverse holographic rare in the main set. However, there are also three other versions of this card that are actually holographic! The first comes from one of the Vivid Voltage theme decks. Next, the second is the stamped pre-release promo for Vivid Voltage that you may get from the Vivid Voltage Build and Battle Boxes. Finally, the third and most elusive of all is the stamped Staff pre-release promo!

     In my personal opinion, this is one of the best modern sets to be released in a while. It has a lot of value in terms of playability as well as collectability. It is the best of both worlds. I, myself, plan on keeping a box or two, possibly even an entire case sealed for my personal collection! I also plan on trying to get my hands on as many Amazing Rares as possible! Now there is one caveat. It is important to remember that prices will drop a bit after the set officially releases. Prices are always high during the two-week period between pre-release and official release due to scarcity of the product as well as the singles. After the set releases, the market will be flooded with singles and product. That is the best time to pick up singles and product at a decent price!

Keep your eyes peeled for when we add more Vivid Voltage products to our website! As soon as we get our shipment in, we’ll have more in stock!

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