DID YOU GET SCAMMED?!?!? Resealed box?!?!?

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   written by Joshua L. edited by Jonathan C.

 Greetings everyone. My name is Joshua, I go by @pokemon_enthusiast97 on Instagram. Today I would really like to bring some recent issues that have come up within our Pokémon collecting world, specifically on the vintage side of things. Before we dive deep into this serious matter, I’d like to welcome all of you new collectors who are just getting into the game, previous collectors who are just getting back into the game, as well as all of my fellow long-time collectors.

     In light of Pokémon’s recent market boom with prices reaching an all-time high, we have seen an influx of new people entering the hobby. This attention does not go unnoticed. Serious cash is being shelled out by big name celebrities such as Steve Aoki and Logan Paul. This also attracts many thieves and scammers. Base set boxes, the first set ever printed, are reaching $35,000. Fossil boxes, the third set ever printed, are selling at $20,000. Keeping these numbers in mind, it was just a matter of time until someone tries to create counterfeit sealed packs or sealed products. Of course, there have always been counterfeit cards, packs, and boxes. However, they were so much easier to spot before.

     So why am I worried about all of this? Well, there have a been a string of events that have occurred in these past few weeks that have rattled me. We are talking about resealed WOTC or Wizards of the Coast booster boxes. Wizards of the Coast printed the first few sets of Pokemon before the Pokemon Company took over. If you haven’t already heard, not too long ago, DumbMoneyTV went live on YouTube with Leonhart and Collectibles Guru to open the original 1st Edition Base Set Booster box for a whopping $375,000! Yes, I am not kidding. When they proceeded to open it, they inspected the packs and noticed that the box as well as the packs had been resealed. This particular box has always been notorious for having issues due to the fact that the plastic wrapping originally used on these did not have any logos or WOTC logos on the plastic itself to prevent scammers from resealing the box and selling it at a high price. That is why it is imperative that you do your due diligence as a buyer if you plan to purchase this exact product or any other vintage sealed Pokemon products. Please do your research and inspect the product very thoroughly before purchasing!

     Around the same time this occurred, a big Pokemon-centric Instagram account who conducts business across the pond over in the UK, known as UAE_pokemon, opened a Gym Hero booster box live on camera and that box also turned out to be a fake! The reason this opening got a lot of attention was because this box was a very good fake. I’m not talking about your everyday scammer. This is someone that is getting ahold of WOTC wrappers from old boxes and resealing them around boxes filled with two stacks of bulk cards with 2 packs on top. They even went through the trouble of putting bubble wrap in the front to make the box feel firm to the touch. The fake is quite remarkable for this day and age. This occurrence caused many collectors such as myself to go back and look through their sealed WOTC box collections to check for any kind of issues such as the ones previously stated. Unfortunately, 2 more confirmed cases of resealed booster boxes surfaced. These other resealed booster boxes had the same signatures as the one UAE Pokémon had opened. One was a fossil box which was opened live on camera showing the exact same packing method as the previous fake gym hero box. Bubble wrap in the front, two stacks of bulk cards filling the box up, and then 2 packs placed on top to throw someone off who attempts the “peek method.” The other box that was believed to have the same issue as the Fossil booster box and the Gym Hero booster box was a Neo Genesis booster box. All 3 boxes have been confirmed fake by the respective owners on their Instagram accounts.

     A lot of long-time collectors, including myself, want to help in any way we can. Many of us have made videos as well as posted some tips that could help YOU avoid purchasing a fake box! Below I’ll have the names of fellow Pokémon Instagram accounts that can provide you with some tips, videos and answer any questions you might have concerning your first purchase. I will also have a link to my IGTV video below that will help you distinguish any red flags that may come up when inspecting any sealed vintage product. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or my team! I’ll have all the people you could reach out to below! You can also check out our Pokemon vintage section where we have sealed booster packs, booster boxes, blisters, and decks. These items have been thoroughly checked by the Pozjokergames team before being picked up. Take care everyone and stay tuned for more articles to come!

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