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We’re looking for Bloggers for our Website to talk about different Topics related to Pokémon & Yugioh!  There are so many different Articles I’d love to have on this site: things like Market Watches, Prices on PSA Cards & Old School Packs, any interesting News about cards / releases / events, what’s going on in the IG Pokémon & YuGiOh Community, maybe even Feature some of your accounts here for us to check out, and just random thoughts 💭 about the card games that we love!

Prior to this, if you have any experience or previous examples of your work send them to me.  If you don’t, go ahead and type me up something that I can check out related to the card games mentioned.  You may message me on Instagram @pozjokergames and tell me what Topic you want to talk about and I’ll give you the “OK” 👌  Also, note that I reserve the right to make any changes to your article if I feel that it is necessary.  If you are interested in being a guest blogger on my website, please send me a quick email: “contact us” or message me on Instagram @pozjokergames and I will get back to you very quickly (if we are available, you may also use the “Chat” button on our website.)

I simply ask a few questions prior to accepting you as a guest blogger and there you have it! You have become a guest blogger on my blog!

*Please note this is not a paid job at the moment. Our Blog is new and we don’t have any Data or feedback yet.  However, in exchange for your article, I will insert links to your own account and mention you across our social media and in an Instagram story / Post.  I will be sharing your post with my subscribers and social media followers (we get thousands of views per week).  We will be looking to hire a few official writers for our site in the near future & you will be compensated for your work.

I truly look forward to hearing from you! I’m excited.


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