TAG TEAM Tin [Eevee & Snorlax GX] (Sealed)

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Two Pokemon can be stronger when they join forces, as you're bound to learn after checking out these collections featuring the new TAG TEAM cards! Choose from three powerful duos—Pikachu & Zekrom GX, Eevee & Snorlax GX, or Celebi & Venusaur GX—in the Pokemon Trading Card Game: TAG TEAM Tins. Each of these fantastic tins contains an amazing pair of Pokemon who work together perfectly as a team—with a GX attack that can leave opponents in the dust!

In each tin, you'll find:

• 1 foil TAG TEAM Pokémon-GX with special art
• 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs (Packs vary per tin.)
• 1 metal TAG TEAM GX marker
• A code card to unlock a playable deck in the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online
Booster pack packaging varies by product. Cards vary by pack.

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