Live Box & Personal BREAKS

The packs will all opened LIVE on our Twitch & IG!  Please check the Date for the live schedule! 

These packs are all box fresh. 💫  In order to provide you with the best prices, you will keep all the Holos / Reverses, Ultra Rares and Rares that you pull from our Livestream and we will just be keeping the commons / uncommons & Codes from every pack.  We will use sleeves and top loaders for any rare pulls.  

Standard Shipping is FREE (no tracking)!!  IF you want it shipped with Tracking it’s $3.99 tracked in a padded envelope.  International Shipping is $14.99 (Mandatory) You only have to pay for shipping once by the way!  This amount is for all your orders combined on any amount of packs that you buy for the LIVE BREAK 😊 

Shipping options if you want your items tracked can be found on this page here.

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